Beverly Drive United Methodist Church

We Worship the Lord!

8:30 am & 11:00 am

About Our Two Morning Worship Services: Joyous and Spirit Filled!
You are invited to attend one of our two Sunday Morning worship services! The worship of God is a very important part of the spiritual life of any community of faith, and this is especially true at Beverly Drive. Our two services are especially designed to appeal to two different groups of people, though all are welcome at either!

8:30 am --This service is basically designed to appeal to the more senior, less "liturgically inclined" members of our congregation. While the basic order of worship resembles that of the second service, much of the formal, written liturgy is left out and, in its place, there is significantly more singing. The basic character of this service is both informal and somewhat more sedate than the 11:00 service.

11:00 am -- This service is designed to appeal to a broader range of people. The order follows, fairly closely, the suggested order of worship as outlined in the United Methodist Book of Worship. Liturgy is used to help people in making the flow of the service their own, with all elements of the written liturgy intentionally reflecting the character of the congregation. This is an up-beat service, with rejoicing and praising the Lord heartily encouraged. Laughter is also welcome! Our worship of the Lord should be filled with joy and with reverence! Lay involvement is particularly important in this service, with lay readers and liturgists taking part in all elements of the service.

About Our Dress Code: There Isn't One!
One characteristic of the worship life of Beverly Drive United Methodist Church is the "come as you are" flavor. This is a "blue collar" Church, and we believe in reaching out to everybody, wherever and whoever they may be. One doesn't have to dress a certain way to come to Beverly Drive. If you feel uncomfortable in a suit and tie, then come in slacks and sport shirt, jeans and t-shirt, or even in shorts, if you prefer! You will see a little bit of all of the above at Beverly Drive UMC!
Do You Have Kids? Bring Them!
If you have children, don't hesitate to bring them into the sanctuary for worship! We have a nursery available, but if you want your children to experience worship, we encourage their presence and full participation! Indeed, there is a Children's Sermon time where the children are invited forward for a few minutes of special time with either the pastor or a lay minister.
Word and Sacrament
Being a Protestant Church, we at Beverly Drive UMC consider the proclamation of the Word of God as being a principle part of our Worship services. Hence, we celebrate the Presence of Jesus Christ, which we receive through the hearing of the Word proclaimed, by responding to each reading with "Thanks be to God!" and by reflecting upon the meaning of the Scriptures in the preached Word. Reverend Marcum's sermons tend to follow the New Common Lectionary, and are about 20 - 25 minutes long.

Being a United Methodist Church, and hence part of the Protestant Catholic community, we at Beverly Drive UMC also believe in celebrating the Presence of Jesus Christ in and through the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Hence, it is the practice of our congregation to remember our baptisms through the application of water in a "Baptismal Renewal" ritual at the end of at least one service each month (usually the 4th Sunday). It is also the practice of our congregation to celebrate the Holy Eucharist on 1st and 3rd Sundays at our morning services, and on 2nd and 4th Sundays in our Evening Services. The Table of the Lord is open to ALL, so please do not feel as though you cannot come and receive the elements! If the Lord calls you, please feel welcome to come to the Table of the Lord and receive the offered Grace of the Real Presence of Jesus. To see what United Methodists believe about Holy Communion, check our Doctrinal Standards and/or the Pastor's Newsletter Articles on the subject.

Music Ministries
Worship through Music is a very important part of our spiritual life at Beverly Drive. We have an excellent Choir director, who leads us in spirited songs of praise! And, there is always room for more voices in our choir, so if you can sing (and, indeed, even if you can't sing!) come on up and join us!
Opportunities for Service
At Beverly Drive we believe in providing opportunities for service! This is true of our worship services, as well as of the social and missional outreach areas of our Church! If you would like to volunteer to serve as a lay reader or liturgist, please speak to the Pastor. And, if you feel called to proclaim the word, Reverend Marcum would be happy to work with you to explore the possibilities and opportunities for preaching. We have a strong lay preaching tradition at Beverly Drive, so you'll be in good company!


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