Reverend Linda Marcum

Our Pastor Linda was born and raised in the hill country of southern Ohio and was raised in the Baptist church . Her father was a preacher ordained in the Christian Church. There were six children in this family. The oldest was 14 years old and the youngest 11 days old when Linda’s father died. Her mother had a tough time raising the children alone, but she never complained.

Linda and Don Marcum had been married 52 years prior to his death in October 2012. He was very supportive of Linda all those years. They have two grown daughters, Pamela and Terri Marcum.

In 1976 it was necessary for the Marcum family to move to a warmer, drier climate. They had a friend who had lived in Wichita Falls for twenty-five years, and they visited him several times and liked it here. So they decided to move here on July 4, 1976.

Linda went to work for Farris Cleaners and Don worked at a stereo shop in Wichita Falls. When the tornado went through in 1979, they both lost their jobs and with Don's vocation, he was unable to find employment. This necessitated their move to Dallas.

Linda had been in the dry cleaning business when they lived in Ohio, so she continued to do so, until in 1991 when she received the call to go into the ministry. This was a very difficult decision for Linda due to her age and it meant returning to school. However, God would not relent until she answered the call.

She had managed dry cleaners for twenty-five years and loved the business. She loved working with people. It also meant losing a $1,000 a month in wages.

Linda has never regretted answering God's call. Originally, she had only intended to go for Ordination. But, since she had to work for a living and could not go to school full time this would have meant that she would have received her Ordination and "retirement papers" about the same time.

Linda says, "The only goal I had and will always have is to be the best pastor I can be. I prayed about it, and the answer came to me that ordination was not the most important thing in life, but to serve God and God's people. Therefore, the decision was made for me to be a Local Pastor. It does not make me any less a pastor."

Linda graduated the Course of Study School August 1997. She has served Montague United Methodist Church from 1994-1996; and Oak Haven United Methodist Church from 1996- December 31, 2006.

"God has richly blessed my life. I am excited about being a part of the Beverly Drive faith family."